An exclusive guide to achieving beautiful family photos


There is no one location that will work for every family. I always have beautiful locations up my sleeve but I also encourage you to choose a spot that relates to your family and a place you all feel comfortable - I am there to document your family with a storybook feel and capture what is important to your family.


My style is documentary and find some of my favourites (and clients) favourite images is those of more a candid portrait. Ie playing with toys, feeding ducks, playing with teepees in the backyard, playing with bubbles, paint powder fight, the list goes on. There is nothing quite like a camera to make a person freeze (for both kids and adults!) but when you are absorbed in activity, this is when you will forget I am even there and the true personality of each member of you family shines.


The biggest challenge with family photographs and working with littlies is holding their attention, shooting at home is ideal as this where they ultimately feel most comfortable and will be themselves. I encourage the family to ride their bike, go for a swim, a day in the life of your family style shoot. Photographing at home also means we can include the 4 legged famly members too! Ideally lots of natural light is best if we shoot at home and a green lawn is all we require.


Embrace your natural side. My favourite time of day to photograph in is golden hour. That special time just before the sun drops behind the horizon. Being out in nature provides a unique backdrop and the perfect shoot location for a family who like to explore. The older age group really take to this style of outdoor shoot. I am talking building sandcastles at the beach, trekking to waterfall, climbing trees, picking flowers etc - no awkward posing at my photoshoots!

TIP - If shooting outside, consider bringing some snacks and mosquito repellent.