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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE - LB Designs Event Photography


Aka Lucas turns five as THE HULK

Have you ever planned an amazing party you are really proud of and at the end sit back and think - great!!! You have one blurry photo on your phone you managed to snap in between keeping the kids away from the cake table, making sure everyone is fed and madly running doing...well everything! Wellll did you know LB DESIGNS offers an all inclusive event package?

We are talking custom designed and watercolour painted invitation designing, party artwork and photography on the day.....all sorted so you can sit back and relax - I have you covered :D

I was in my element documenting the latest birthday party for little Lucas, not so little anymore though - he definitely embraced the hulk character, can you tell that is his favourite :D - check out the moves. His mummy is one creative lady and her attention to details blows me away every time, she made the Upper Coomera Sports Centre come to life with superheros!! It was a whirlwind of a morning with the My Fit Kids team keeping them active and busy. The parents were able to chill with a coffee and I scored some great action shots...and I can guarantee you the kids slept well that win all round. I highly recommend you give the My Fit Kids team a call if you are looking at hosting a party with this age group!

For further information on the platinum event package feel free to contact me (Lucinda) for further info. The package includes custom designed invites, and party artwork - The artwork is designed and framed for you, ready to be custom designed personalised artwork for the little ones bedroom/play room!

Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy the storybook set up above <3 Lucinda


Photographer: LB Designs

Invitations and Party Artwork: LB Designs

Creative Mumma / Party Planner Extraordinaire - Jacqueline Dickson

Sports: My Fit Kids

Event: Upper Coomera Sports Centre

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